ceratki ptfe z klejem
ceratki ptfe i silikonowe
  • very good resistance to a wide range of temperatures, depending on the type of fabric, from -150 ° C to + 260 ° C;

  • resistance to contact with chemicals;

  • low friction coefficient on the surface of PTFE fabric;

  • very good anti-adhesive properties;

  • excellent insulating and dielectric properties;

  • fabric approved for direct contact with food.

PTFE fiber glass and mesh fabric special features:

  • belts for transporting products in the production process;

  • as insulators for electric wires and other products;

  • oven mats in the food industry (in bakeries, pizzerias);

  • conveyor belts in heating furnaces and other machines;

  • solid insulating tapes (with and without glue), zone tapes for packaging and shrink machines.

Industry applications of PTFE fiber and mesh fabric:

pasy silikonowe do przenośników

Silicone colated glass fabric


Silicone fabrics are used for freezing and heating curtains, electrical insulation tapes, transport belts, anti-adhesive sheets and separating sheets for sticky technologies. They enable easy removal of sticky substances.


They have dielectric properties and are perfect electrical insulators. They are abrasion-resistant and resistant to bending, and the high coefficient of friction allows them to be used with belts transporting loose materials, even in the diagonal plane.



Our offer includes fabrics coated on one or both sides with silicone, in white or red colours, with a thickness of e.g. 0.23mm, 0.35mm, 056mm and 0.76mm.


Products made of silicone coated glass fabrics are not suitable for direct food contact and for pharmaceutical purposes.



Technical PTFE fiber and other fabrics in Krea offer:


  • solid PTFE fabrics, beige colur, without glue, with a thickness of 0.07 mm to 0.7 mm;

  • solid PTFE fabrics, beige, porous, without glue, with a thickness of 0.06 mm to 0.34 mm;

  • solid PTFE fabrics, beige in color, self-adhesive with silicone adhesive, thicknesses from 0.08 mm to 0.33 mm;

  • black PTFE fabrics, antistatic, without glue, with a thickness of 0.08 mm to 0.35 mm;

  • solid silicone fabrics, red and white, with thicknesses from 0.17 mm to 0.76 mm;

  • mesh PTFE fabrics, beige, mesh size 1x1 mm, 2x2 mm, 4x4 mm;

  • mesh PTFE fabrics, black, mesh size 4x4 mm;

  • tkaniny PTFE siatkowe, w kolorze żółtym, wielkość oczek 4x4 mm;

  • Kevlar® mesh fabrics, mesh size 4x4

  • others, on request.

pasy silikonowe
siatka kevlar aramidowa
ceratki ptfe bez kleju porowate
siatka ptfe

PTFE fiber glass without glue

ceratki ptfe bez kleju

KREA has been an importer of PTFE glass fabrics and other products for industry for 30 years. We sale also Kevlar® and silicone fabrics We offer fabrics in whole rolls or cut to specific formats or tapes. PTFE fabrics have unique properties that are used in many industries.


KREA's offer includes technical fabrics on the following bases:

  • fiber glass (beige color);

  • glass fiber with the addition of graphite and carbon (black color);

  • made of glass fiber coated with silicone (in red and white colors);

  • aramid fiber (Kevlar®) coated with PTFE (yellow).


In our a wide offer You can find:

PTFE glass fabrics and other products for industry

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