Silicone belts for machines

PTFE mesh belts for UV tunnel

PTFE mesh belts for drying tunnel


Our offer inculdes below belts:

maty teflonowe
  • wide range of temperature resistance from -150° C to + 260° C (PTFE fabric), -73 ° C to +220 ° C (aramid fabric);


  • non stick surface;


  • resistance to chemicals, including aggressive acids;


  • high resistance to stretching, destruction, tearing or fraying;


  • resistance to infrared and UV resistance;


  • low coefficient of friction;


  • they do not absorb water and dirt, ensure savings due to minimizing the amount of detergents and cleaning agents;


  • suitable for use in contact with food (PTFE fabric);


  • they are infusible, are hard to ignite and have self-extinguishing properties (flammability according to the UL94-V0% standard);


  • ensure low energy consumption due to their low weight and excellent heat transfer properties.

Properties of PTFE conveyor belts and mats:

maty do pieczenia
siatki do suszenia owoców

Baking, grilling mats or belts

PTFE mesh to frozing processes

taśmy do klejarek

Antistatic PTFE fabric

PTFE fabric 

PTFE mesh to drying

as mats or belts

PTFE open mesh or Kevlar®


PTFE coated belts:


belts recommended for products which in the manufacturing process:
- they require non-stick surface;

- they are sticky or get dirty - belts are resistant to these conditions and are easy to clean;

- require low or high temperatures (temperature range for PTFE from -150° degrees C to +260° degrees C, Kevlar®+220°C. );

- require an almost sterile substrate (non-toxic material, resistant to bacterias and fungis, certified for use in the food industry (PTFE only);

- belts there are dimensionally stable as well as durable.


PTFE coated belts, antystatic version (black):


  • transportation of easily electrifying materials in the production process;


  • gluing machines in the sewing industry - where the glue applied to the collars or cuffs of shirts does not stick to the surface of the tape. In addition, the tape carries away electric and electrostatic charges;

  • varnish factories - the paints don`t stick to a surface of belts and belts there are resists to heat at high temperatures, during which varnish coatings are applied.



Open mesh belts (PTFE or Kevlar®):


  • for furnaces, heating and drying tunnels;

  • for transportation in frozen products industry;

  • for the lyophilization of products;

  • for washing and processing vegetables, frutits and other food products;

  • for transport when frying in deep oil;

  • for transporting fabrics in dye houses - curing and bonding inks, pigments, powders to fabrics and non woven materials

  • for screen printing and packaging industry.



Silicone belts:


  • non-slip material, perfect as a base against slipping of details in internal transport;

  • works well on conveyors directed slightly inclines;

  • resistant to temperatures from -43 degrees C to +220 degrees C;

  • resistant to external conditions, ozone, UV radiation.

Our advantages:


  • 30 years of experience in the distribution of PTFE and silicone technical fabrics as well as belts production for conveyors and other machines;

  • immediate delivery time - even up to 1 business day; 

  • products high quality;

  • professional technical advice.


We produce belts for conveyors according to dimensions provided by the customer. The type of fabric and its thickness depends mainly on the weight of the products and the size of the conveyor belt. Other important isuue is belts joints, quiding systems and edge reinforcements of belts. Our specialists advice to you in all under aspects before realization order.

We are a leading manufacturer of conveyor belts and various types of mats use in production area. Our belts are made mainly of  glass fabric coated PTFE and silicone. Depending on the requirements of our clients and production conditions, we select the most appropriate parameters for their manufacture. 


We advise you on the selection of joints, guides and reinforcements of the side belts. The PTFE fabrics offered by our company are available in smooth, porous  options and open mesh fabrics (beige) and with additional antistatic properties (black version). Silicone fabrics are available in white and red colours.

Belts for conveyors and various machines

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