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PTFE - import i dystrybucja tworzyw
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Our company's specialization also include construction elements such us PTFE, silicone plates, silicone gaskets, silicone ropes etc. We have also a good offer for hoses made of PTFE.


PTFE glass fabric and silicones

PTFE tapes, resistance wires and tapes

We offer PTFE fabrics in: glass, porous, mesh, antistatic, Kevlar®. Our offer includes also silicone fabrics. All fabrics we can cut to the customer's required size and also in a standard rollers.

PTFE scived films

We offer self-adhesive PTFE scived films wound in large rolls and small tapes. The raw material is pure PTFE, which without glass fiber and therefore has a smoother texture. Applications: construction and sealing material, as a sliding base, as molds for various industrial purposes and as a protective material for welding and packaging machines.

PTFE and silicone belts for conveyors and other machines

KREA has been successfully producing belts for conveyors and various production machines for over 30 years. We make them from mesh or solid fabrics made of glass fiber coated with PTFE and silicone. We offer technical advice for all step of cooperation.

We have a wide range offer of consumables for welding and packaging machines. We provide attractive prices and constant availability of standard sizes of PTFE tapes, zone tapes, resistance wires and tapes.

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PTFE glass fabric and silicones

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PTFE films

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PTFE and silicone belts for conveyors - clik and check it! 



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Belts for fusing machines

PTFE coated mesh for drying, freezing and grilling processes - belts and mats

Both PTFE fabrics and belts for fusing machines are used in the textile industry. We produce belts to the size of machines various brands. Belts are made of PTFE-coated fiberglass with the addition of components that make the material antistatic.

Belts to fusing pressess

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taśmy do klejarek poznań

PTFE coated open  mesh is widely used for drying tunnels, e.g. in the textile and printing industries, as well as in food processing. It is perfect for the processes of drying, freezing, steaming or grilling food products.

PTFE coated mesh belt and mats - clik and check it!

Belts for drying tunnels, UV, IR

For the printing industry, we produce mesh belts for drying tunnels, UV and IR tunnels. PTFE material has excellent air flow and ensures no sticking of the ink. PTFE mesh is resistant to temperatures up to +260 degrees C. We offer mesh tapes for drying printing and in a black version for curing with UV rays.

Belts for drying tunnels

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taśma do tunelu uv
taśmy do przenośników wysokotemperaturowe

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