Silicone sponges or otherwise called silicone profiles / tapes are available in our offer in several different section. Minimum section of sponge is 6 mm. Silicone sponges are commonly used in frame welders.

Silicone sponges

druty ptfe

KREA's offer also includes Kanthal D-based wires and resistance tapes and PTFE-coated Thyssen wires. These are products use to among other welding machines. These products can be successfully used at air temperatures up to 1300°C and heating temperatures up to 700°C.

We offer wires and tapes for welding machines with the following properties:

- resistance wires:
• 0.65 mm, resistance at 20° C - 4.07 ohm/m;

• 0.85 mm, resistance at 20° C - 2.38 ohm/m;

• 1.20 mm, resistance at 20° C - 1.19 ohm/m.

- resistance tapes:
• 2/0.2 mm, resistance at 20° C - 3.670 ohm/m;

• 3/0.2 mm, resistance at 20° C - 2.440 ohm/m;

• 3/0.3 mm, resistance at 20° C - 1.640 ohm/m;

• 3/0.5 mm, resistance at 20° C - 0.978 ohm/m;

• 3/0.6 mm, resistance at 20° C - 0.815 ohm/m.

Resistance wires and tapes

taśmy ptfe

PTFE tapes are available in three types:

  • with adhesive;

  • tapes without adhesive;

  • zone tapes - tapes variant where the central part is a usable zone made of PTFE fabric and on sides there are a part of the zone with are adhesive which can be cover on the heater housing.

Tapes offered by our company are of various thickness and size.

  • tapes with adhesive - 0.08 mm to 0.33 mm of thickness and 10 mm to 1500 mm of wides. Our standard offer includes PTFE tapes with a thickness of 0.13 and 0.23 mm;

  • tapes without adhesive - 0.07 mm to 0.7 mm of thickness;

As standard our tapes have 30 m lenght. The choice of tape parameters depends, among others, on the thickness of the heating element and the thickness of the heated foil.


PTFE tapes


PTFE tapes are used to protect the heat shield for various heating machnies. In our offer includes:

  • tapes for welding machines;

  • tapes for packaging machines;

  • tapes for vacuum machines and other devices that require separation of the material to be welded from the heating element.

Our company has been an importer and distributor of PTFE materials for 30 years. Such many years of experience allows us to present you a very advantageous offer for consumables for welding machines and other industry use as well quick delivery times. Our offer includes following products:


  • PTFE tapes;

  • resistance wires and tapes;

  • silicone sponges.

PTFE tapes, resistance wires and tapes

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