PTFE hoses 

We offer industrial hoses made of PTFE which there are in various diameters.

PTFE hoses have non-stick area, they are easy to remove oily substances, no dirt or sticky substances stick to them.

We recommend PTFE hoses for applications where resistance to high and low temperatures, ozone, UV radiation and the most chemicals. PTFE hoses can be used in contact with food and drinking water. They can also be sterilized, making them perfect for the food and medical industries.

Our company offers silicone gaskets of any shape and size. Additional mounting holes can be cut in them. In the wide range of our company you will also find silicone cords, which are also perfect to sealing. They have a wide temperature range, are flexible, resistant to many factors, including weather conditions, UV, water, they are physiologically resistant and have very good insulating properties. Silicone cords are used in heating and air-conditioning installations, in the engineering, automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Silicone gaskets and cords

PTFE & silicone construction plates

PTFE & silicone plates available in the KREA offer are usually used for technical seals for various industry applications. Silicone plates in several different thicknesses are also used for various types of curtains and covers, silicone sleeves and other industrial constructions, which are used, among others, in in environments with pollutions, dustiness, greases, oils and other chemicals.

Among other products in our offer you will find PTFE and silicone hoses, PTFE plates, seals and silicone cords. These are construction and sealing products.


Miscellaneous products made of PTFE and silicone for industry

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