• a very low friction coeffficient

  • anti-adhesive properities

  • superior non-stick surface - fe. glues, farbs, dirties of manufactures, chemical and oil substracts don`t stick to PTFE film

  • a very wide range work temperature: -73 C to +260 C.

PTFE skived film adventages:

  • as slip primer, in band tables, belt conveyors as well as work surface in manufacturing processes;

  • as lining gutters and pipes as an insulator for electric wires;

  • as dividers for various industrial puropses;

  • as linings for machine feet (popular in sewing rooms);

  • as underlay for clothing presses, hot-stamps, gluing machines and others puropeses;

  • application in fallowing industires: automotive, photovoltaic, food, sewings, pharmacy and other.


PTFE skived film applications:

PTFE film adhesive tapes

PTFE skived film in rolls

taśma ptfe
folia z czystego ptfe

KREA`s offer includes also adhesive PTFE skived film. It don`t contain glass fiber, so it has smoother facture. The PTFE film has the most lowest friction coefficient with all products in our offer, as well as it has superior non-stick properties and a big chemical resistance



We offer several PTFE skived film thicknesses: from 0.125 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.53 mm, which are available in 1000 mm or 1200 mm width. We offer also small PTFE films tapes in 10 m roll with a thickness of 0.10 mm. They can also be used as a base for tapes and resistance wires in welders and shrink machines.  

PTFE skived film

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